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EPA names Home Depot the 2017 WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award Winner!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized The Home Depot with a 2017 WaterSense® Sustained Excellence award.

The Home Depot was honored during the WaterSense and Alliance for Water Efficiency Awards Luncheon for its commitment to water efficiency and outstanding efforts to support the WaterSense program throughout 2016.

In 2016 alone, The Home Depot helped customers save more than 76 billion gallons of water and over $643 million in water utility bills through the sale of WaterSense-labeled products.

Since the WaterSense program began in 2006, WaterSense labeled products have helped Americans save 1.5 trillion gallons of water and $32.6 billion in water and energy bills, and Home Depot is proud to support this important program.

Upgrading to WaterSense®

Replacing a standard 1.6 gallon-per-flush toilet with a new WaterSense® labeled high efficiency model can reduce water use by 20% or more. Replacing a pre-1994 model (3.5 gallon-per-flush toilet) can reduce it by 60% or more. That's more than 4,000 gallons per person per year. That would save enough water to wash 100 loads of laundry.

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From water-efficient bathroom fixtures to water-conserving dual-flush toilets, bathrooms are increasingly designed with eco-friendly features in mind. It’s easy to see why bathrooms are going green. Bathrooms require the largest amount of water usage in most homes, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Going green in the bathroom not only helps the environment, it also helps your wallet.

WaterSense® Products Sold
The number of WaterSense® approved products sold in our U.S. stores and online since 2006.
Water Saved in 2017
The number of gallons of water saved last year because of purchases of water conservation products from The Home Depot U.S. stores and online.

This assumes the products purchased replaced non water conservation products.
Dollars Saved in 2017
The amount of money saved  based on the amount of water saved in one year because of purchases of water conservation products from The Home Depot U.S. stores and online.
Swimming Pools Filled
The number of average sized residential swimming pools that could be filled based on the amount of water saved last year from purchases of water conservation products from The Home Depot U.S. stores and online.

This number assumes that it takes 20,000 gallons on average to fill a swimming pool.
The above numbers are based on averages and certain assumptions. Click on a ticker for details.

Improve your bathroom’s water efficiency at The Home Depot

Your bathroom provides many opportunities to save money and conserve water. In most homes, flushing the toilet gulps down 30% of all water demand, making it your home's largest consumer. Water conservation toilets, like WaterSense® toilets, can reduce water use by 20% or more. The Home Depot carries these high efficiency models. For any home improvement project or “green need,” look to The Home Depot to be more water efficient.