Water Conservation

Water is a vital resource to all life on earth. We are helping consumers conserve it – for their own utility bills, and for the planet.

Water Conservation with Watersense product
Saving customers 250 billion gallons by 2020


In 2017, we committed to saving our customers 250 billion gallons of water through the sale of WaterSense approved products by 2020 and we are proud to announce we met that goal.

And in 2020 alone, we helped save customers over 59 billion gallons of water. The EPA’s WaterSense program matters because of its track record of guiding the industry toward a mindset of water stewardship and water efficiency innovation. Since 2006, the program has helped conserve hundreds of billions of gallons of water through the promotion of water efficient products, and we are proud to be a WaterSense partner.

Toilets for Water Conservation
Save up to $100 a year


The toilet is a strange thing to be obsessed with, but we are proud of our fixation.

Toilets account for the greatest water use inside the typical home. That’s why we continually upgrade our assortment to use as little water as possible. We were the first retailer to offer a toilet that uses less than one gallon of water per flush. And today, our entire in-store assortment meets the EPA’s WaterSense standard, or a standard even higher than WaterSense, which means our customers save approximately $100 a year in water expenses for every toilet they replace. We also make buying these toilets simpler by offering rebates where available and by conducting workshops in all our stores where we teach customers how to install toilets.

Faucets for Water Conservation


Sometimes we leave them running while washing hands or brushing teeth, sometimes we just forget to shut them off.

We can’t control human behavior, but we can control how much water runs through a faucet. That’s why every bath faucet we sell in our stores operates at 1.2 gallons-per-minute – a standard that’s even more rigorous than the EPA’s WaterSense standard of 1.5 gallons-per-minute.

Water Conservation in the shower
Save $50+ each year


The average shower we take in the United States lasts 8 minutes, and according to the EPA’s WaterSense program uses almost 17% of the typical home’s daily water use – or enough water for the daily recommended drinking water of 34 people.

In fact, showers account for the 2nd greatest water use inside the home. So we’ve helped make those 8 minutes guilt-free by only offering showerheads in our stores that use 1.8 gallons-per-minute, which is even more efficient than the EPA’s WaterSense standard of 2.0 gallons-per-minute. We’ve also simplified the process of buying a showerhead with a simple rating system in our stores so customers can more easily understand the different showerhead settings and features.

Water Conservation in outdoor watering


We believe that being outside makes for healthier people.

Our outdoor spaces in our own yards are nothing short of sanctuaries – where we play, rest, replenish vitamin D and even grow our own food. And an essential part of this connection with the outdoors is being able to water our lawns and gardens. We offer leading products that help customers put water where it’s needed and not waste it where it’s not – from soaker hoses to irrigation systems, rain barrels, soil-moisture sensors and smart weather-sensing irrigation systems.

Native Plants for Healthy Home


Native plants require an amount of water that is natural and subsequently sustainable in their geographic and climate region.

We are proud to be the first big-box retailer that has partnered with PlantRight in California, a program that raises awareness about ways to keep invasive plant species from entering local ecosystems, and collaborates with the nursery industry to prevent the spread of these species.

Another California program we are proud to partner with is Our Water Our World, a collaboration of regional and local water pollution prevention agencies in Northern California. Since 2003, we have collaborated with OWOW to raise awareness about less toxic pest management strategies and products that can help protect local waterways. Today, OWOW is active in 60 of our San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento area stores, assisting customers and training associates on Integrated Pest Management practices.

In the other corner of the U.S., we partner with Maine Yardscaping, a program that promotes healthy lawn care products and techniques to minimize toxins and polluted runoff entering waterways that are key in Maine’s ecosystems and economy. Maine Yardscaping helps educate customers and associates in four of our Portland area stores.