What you'll need

  • LED light bulbs

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How to Install a Dimmer

Installing a dimmer is really quite simple. It can be accomplished in four separate steps. First, you turn off the power, then disconnect the old switch, connect the new dimmer switch and replace the wall plate. then, set the mood.

Upgrade to LED Lighting

One of the main reasons we love DIY projects is saving money. Every time you complete a project yourself, you automatically save. And if the new products you install end up saving more money in the form of lower energy bills, even better!

In just the past couple of years, great strides have been made in improving the technology behind LED landscape lighting. So much so, that now they use up to 75% less energy than some landscape lighting systems that debuted only 3-5 years ago. Plus, LED systems require smaller transformers, which also cost less. Beginning to see the pattern here?

In this First Look video, Associate Jenny Earnest highlights the changes at The Home Depot in our landscape lighting systems and why we are transitioning from halogen and incandescent landscape lighting systems to LED and solar models.


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