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    ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances use significantly less power than conventional ones. They not only can help you save money on your utility bills but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ENERGY STAR® Appliances

Every appliance comes with at least two price tags: the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances help you save money on operating costs by reducing energy use while maintaining the performance you expect.

ENERGY STAR® certified appliances use 5-25% less energy than a standard model.

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Switch to an ENERGY STAR® qualified clothes washer and save

Chosing an ENERGY STAR® qualified washing machine could save you enough over its lifetime to pay for a dryer. How much can you save by making the switch?  

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3 EPA Wins From Home Depot in 2017!

Home Depot’s commitment to sustainability was recognized 3 times by the EPA in 2017! Click here to learn how our energy efficient product assortment was recognized by ENERGY STAR for…

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Using kitchen, laundry and general household appliances that are ENERGY STAR®-qualified can help you save energy and money.  Take advantage of the calulators on this site to discover how much.

You’ll not only impact your budget but help the environment as well.

Energy Star® Products Sold
The number of applicable ENERGY STAR® certified products sold in our U.S. stores and online since 2006.
Electricity Saved in 2017
The amount of electricity saved in kilowatt hours (kWh) last year based on the number of applicable ENERGY STAR® certified products sold.

*This number assumes that the products sold are replacing non ENERGY STAR® qualified products
Dollars Saved in 2017
The amount of money saved last year based on the amount of electricity saved from the number of applicable ENERGY STAR® certified products sold.
Homes Lit for One Year
The number of homes that the electricity saved could light for one year.

*This number assumes that the average home consumes 1,527 kWh a year for lighting.
The above numbers are based on averages and certain assumptions. Click on a ticker for details.

Turn Your Kitchen Appliances Green at The Home Depot

If you're going green, go to The Home Depot. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and offer many different eco options. While appliances demand about 20% of your home’s energy, ENERGY STAR® qualified products use 10-50% less power and water than standard models. Such energy efficient appliances conserve money and the environment. For any home improvement project or “green need,” look to The Home Depot for energy efficiency.