Vinyl flooring is a quickly evolving and improving product category.  The Home Depot offers quality vinyl flooring in an array of styles and formats – from peel & stick, to roll, to luxury plank.  Our suppliers lead the industry in product evolution, and in 2015 removed ortho-phthalates as an additive plasticizer from their vinyl flooring in favor of innovative substitutes.  We are in support of continuing product innovation and improvement in this category.  

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Upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® qualified purifier

ENERGY STAR® qualified room air purifiers are 40% more energy-efficient than standard models, saving you about 225 kilowatt hour (kWh) usage per year and $25 annually on utility bills. These savings could add up to $215 over the life of the air purifier.

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3 EPA Wins From Home Depot in 2017!

Home Depot’s commitment to sustainability was recognized 3 times by the EPA in 2017! Click here to learn how our energy efficient product assortment was recognized by ENERGY STAR for…

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Poor home air quality has been linked to a variety of health-related issues including allergies, headaches, chronic fatigue and insomnia. By improving the quality of air in your home, you can help improve your health and reduce dusts and odors.

Clean Air Products Sold
The number of low and zero VOC paint products sold in our U.S stores and online since 2012.
Air Purifiers Sold
Air Purifiers sold in our U.S. stores and online since 2010.

Metric Tons of CO2 Reduced
The number of metric tons of CO2 reduced by the sale of ENERGY STAR certified products  in our U.S. stores and online since 2010.
Equivalent of Trees Planted
The number of new trees that would need to be planted to equal the amount of CO2 that was avoided from being released into the atmosphere by the sale of ENERGY STAR® certified products in our U.S. stores and online since 2010.
The above numbers are based on averages and certain assumptions. Click on a ticker for details.

Breathe greener with The Home Depot

If you're going green, turn to The Home Depot. We pride ourselves on being sustainability minded and offer many different Eco Options products. Improving your home’s air proves no exception. Whether upgrading your air quality or reducing emissions that pollute, we’ve got what you need from low volatile organic compound paint to air filters and ENERGY STAR® labeled air purifiers.