We would like to see if this could be possible and are working to help the industry change the way we think about materials. A “circular economy” aims to ensure products and packaging never become trash. The foundational principles of this idea are found in nature where nothing is wasted and all things are regenerative.

This concept may apply to man-made material and products if materials are designed for an extended and regenerated lifecycle, extending our planet’s natural resources and protecting land and oceans from the negative impacts of material disposal. We will embrace circular economy products and packaging as suppliers continue to develop their thinking and capabilities through the following principles:

  • Design with the environment in mind
  • Eliminate excess material
  • Eliminate materials that are not readily reusable or recyclable
  • Minimize mixed materials to enable simpler disassembly and recycling
  • Utilize materials that are biodegradable or readily recyclable
  • Utilize recycled content when possible without compromising product efficacy
  • Facilitate the reuse of material indefinitely
  • Promote minimization of environmental impact in manufacturing and consumer use

We encourage supplier innovation in product and packaging design, material selection and manufacturing as well as striving to produce products that have positive environmental impact during use. We carry more than one million products, and have many opportunities to work with our suppliers to improve products and play a key role in moving our economy toward circularity.