• Recycling

    Recycling waste reduces pollution, energy consumption and the need for raw materials, helping preserve our natural resources.

Recycling: Short & Simple

Don’t let a few rules keep you from being a responsible steward of the planet. It’s almost easier to recycle than to trash products — and so much more responsible.

The Home Depot can help. We carry environmentally-friendly products like moving boxes made from recycled materials or rain barrels that allow you to recycle rain water.  We also offer recycling programs for rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs and old incandescent holiday light strings.

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Reducing your carbon footprint

Find out how much of an impact you and your family can make by simply recycling household paper products. You may find it makes you breathe easier.

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While rain barrels have been around for some time, they keep growing more and more popular. They have become a critical gardening tool for those of us who live in drought susceptible areas and earth-friendly gardeners. Rain barrels are a great way to recycle rain water and cut water utility costs.

Organic Products Sold
The number of organic products sold from 2006 through 2015 at The Home Depot stores in the United States.

This number includes organic soils and fertilizers, and eco-friendly pesticides. 
Chemicals Replaced in Homes
The number of pounds of potentially harmful chemicals that have been replaced in homes due to organic product purchases from 2006 through 2015 from The Home Depot stores in the United States.
Biodegradeable Pots Sold
The number of biodegradable pots sold from 2006 through 2015 at The Home Depot stores in the United States.
Landfill Waste Avoided
Based on volume, the number of used car tires that would take up the same space in a landfill as plastic or clay pot waste avoided by using biodegradable pots sold from 2006 through 2015 at The Home Depot stores in the United States.
The above numbers are based on averages and certain assumptions. Click on a ticker for details.

Go green and come to The Home Depot for recycled products and more

If you're going green, go to The Home Depot. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and offer many different eco options.

Recycling proves no exception. We not only sell products that help lower the need for raw materials and preserve our natural resources but also provide recycling programs for discarded products. This green recycling not only reduces pollution but also lowers energy consumption. So, go green and look to The Home Depot to recycle.